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Taking Spring Inventory

Day by day the light grows longer.  Here at 47o North latitude the temperature lags behind this remarkable build-up of light.  We have to push ourselves mentally to alter the lethargy which comes from winter’s veil of cold darkness, as

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Huff and Puff

Where do I begin?   That is a relevant question every year at this time.  I am speaking of shaking off the dullness of wintertime restrictions in activity and the feeling of being out-of-shape.  But first let me ask if you

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Active Rest

In my recent posting I encourage everyone to spend the first six weeks in reflection; of the previous year’s highs and lows and the physical reflection from the mirror itself.  This daily occurrence when combined with a mental process of

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Naked to the World

Happy New Year.  It has been around five weeks since I last posted any comments or thoughts to share with the greater audience of the World Wide Web.  This was not apathy or a mistake but rather an intentional lapse

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Gratitude and Intention

Here at 470 North Latitude we have nearly reached our shortest daylight of the year.  Today, the twenty-sixth day of November, we will be treated to less than nine hours of sun above the horizon.  This will be a day

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Have you been feeling positive about the current reality?  How about setting the clock back an hour which means  that soon it is off to work in the dark and getting home in the dark?  How do you react to

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Positive Powers and Events

We are near the end of October and falling deeply into autumn changes of light, temperature and dispositions.  The previously stated task is to find a method of creating positive thoughts which are followed by increased muscular activity which can

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Power of the Positive

Exercise is moving a particular way for a definite time period.  Point your finger to the sky.  Wiggle it up and down.  Repeat.  Repeat for ninety seconds. This movement requires increased energy use for muscle to complete just one cycle. 

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Exercise when the light is fading in autumn

October is a major month of transition for folks living in the vicinity of the forty-seventh parallel.  During thirty-one days of the month, sunlight beaming above the horizon decreases a lot – ninety-six minutes total.  As the darkness grows day-by-day,

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