Naked to the World

Happy New Year.  It has been around five weeks since I last posted any comments or thoughts to share with the greater audience of the World Wide Web.  This was not apathy or a mistake but rather an intentional lapse in communicating at “a most wonderful time of the year.”  When I last wrote I encouraged everyone to embrace their own personal focus of intention and practice of gratitude.  I also mentioned staying disciplined in behaviors that align with goals of health and wellbeing.  How did it go?

We finished a year in the usual fashion here at 47 degrees North Latitude; seven days of average daylight that is 8 hr and 32min long, the winter solstice being the day with the latest sunrise time.  On Christmas Day we gain the first minute back, reversing the dark days of Christmas that my grandma always noted.  And as previously stated here, the least amount of sunlit days to stimulate our brain structures and by that our base metabolism.  We also endure multiple days of temperatures in the below freezing to zero degree range which also induces a lower metabolic output.

But as this physical reality of astronomy occurs our sociological patterns of activity remain unaltered or perhaps they ramp up a bit with holiday parties and family obligations. This has the effect of stressing our physical selves while satisfying our intellectual/emotional selves.  Also many opportunities for high calorie foods, drinks and treats provide a double whammy to our physiology’s ability to remain in a balanced state of homeostasis or more simply; healthy.

What to do about this?  Seems like a perfectly fine opportunity to reassert our goals of health and fitness.  And it is.  But it is here that I like to counsel my clients on being more focused on the other components of balanced health;  spiritual, emotional, psychological and intellectual, than the initiation of a pronounced physical fitness approach.  A result from the interplay of light, temperature and desire needs to be individually solved until about Valentine’s Day.  During this time a “healthy dose” of self-reflection is much more effective than a concerted physical fitness regime due to our already stressed systems.

By self-reflection I am pointing to a duality of function.  First is the critical self-examination of the past year in terms of personal goals in a variety of needs.  Then with this information determined a long view of the coming 12 months is developed around realistic achievements in terms of physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological and intellectual needs.  And a written plan, month-by-month, is loosely formulated to reflect your desire for self-fulfillment in all areas of your life.  Second is the actual reflection of self in a mirror.  Oh, the horror of it all!  Do not minimize your need for self-acceptance in this reflection.  At this time of year we should allow a modest fat weight gain to occur.  We try to be objective about that reflection and what it really portrays to us, about us.  And can we love what this represents to us?  Finding time every day for a full length view of our bodies for this six week period can help with our goal setting, it’s simplification and it’s execution throughout the entire year. By standing naked in your world you cannot hide from your desire for peak living in all the critical facets your world requires of you.  Now your resolve is truly set for you to step forward in 2013.  Take this step first.

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