Gratitude and Intention

Here at 470 North Latitude we have nearly reached our shortest daylight of the year.  Today, the twenty-sixth day of November, we will be treated to less than nine hours of sun above the horizon.  This will be a day of light just twenty-five minutes longer than the shortest average day of the year.  If you have been following along with these postings that began the first of October you have had an opportunity to plan time in the fading light as we head towards the Winter Solstice.  Additionally, this prospect of having less time than usual in the great outdoors and daylight can alter our perspective psychologically.  The previous post dedicated to a simple deep breathing and centering routine is intended to help lessen the impact of all possible affects felt or experienced during the ninety day period of autumn.

How did it work?  Only you can answer the question of success through a careful self-evaluation.  The intention of your thought process when coupled to your behavior can be the basis for a more complicated plan of good health and fitness.  So when the optimal amount of time, temperature, daylight and mood is not present the intention of good outcomes is the most critical aspect of healthy living.

We are now in a season of thanks and celebration.  From today until the New Year’s arrival can be the most challenging time to follow your good intentions in realization of your ultimate goal(s).  So, let’s focus on a concrete plan of action to help persuade ourselves into maintaining our intentions.

Anyone who feels at risk for weight gain, body composition changes, loss of strength or stamina during the next five weeks can easily help themselves by writing down, in plain view, what it is they hope to do.

Prospective planning and following this plan yields higher results than any other strategy that can be employed.  If you take the time to sit and really question yourself about what it is you want to accomplish you can faithfully trust your own knowledge of self to provide the answer.  But the primary act is to write it down in plain view and not hide it away to be referred to in two, three or five weeks later.

Remember, you are going to be encouraged by almost everyone this time of year to throw caution in the fire and live it up beyond your intentional self.  And live it up you should.  Being grateful this time of year is an important part of an annual cycle of living that is even better when celebrations are shared.  But it is equally important to feel the self-esteem of following your intentions, as written to yourself.  Staying centered on your needs and sharing freely this strong spirit with others for the next five weeks will end the year the way you intend the New Year to begin.  And the cycle will renew itself within you.

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