Have you been feeling positive about the current reality?  How about setting the clock back an hour which means  that soon it is off to work in the dark and getting home in the dark?  How do you react to that?   Throw in about a zillion too many political ads, a sugar low from leftover Halloween candy with a sore back/neck from raking up leaves and you might look for a magic elixir in any number of bottles or cans!  Not to worry.

Breathe!  Breathe again.  Practice full, long breaths while lying down on the floor with your feet resting on the edge of the couch.  Rhythmically breathe, in then out, for sixty seconds.  One minute.  Now repeat it for another minute only this time count how many full breaths you are able to do in that minute.  Got a number?  An average breathing rate at rest, ventilation, is twelve breaths per minute.

Now focus your exhale on creating a relaxation response throughout your entire body.  With every long, slow exhalation allow your mind to clear and let your body go limp.  Go ahead, relax.  Think only about the next inhalation and stop all other thoughts from bumping into your mind’s eye.  Exhale. Relax.  Inhale. Relax.  Spend five minutes doing this every night before engaging your evening responsibilities.  Center your world around your most important function: Breathing in air full of oxygen.  For five minutes!  You can do it.

You probably think what can five minutes possibly do for me?  It can create the discipline and behavior change needed to allow much more complex and involved activity to follow.  It can show you how to master your thought processes and bend them for your benefit.  It can increase your lung capacity by recruiting abdominal muscle coordination.  It can oxygenate your brain for a moment of clarity, creating an awareness of the need for air.  Lots of fresh, sweet air.

For years I have used a paper & pencil wellness assessment for clients to fill out.  The only question I really pay attention to on that initial form is the one which asks if you floss daily.  People want to manifest a staggering amount of physical change through an exercise plan but will answer no to that question.  Even though we know flossing once every twenty-four hours is 100% effective in combating gum disease.   Flossing is a simple ninety second routine that has proven benefits.  So, start with the simplest form of exercise to manifest a positive effect on our autumn disposition; practice deep breathing with the intent of relaxing and centering your physical self with your mental self.

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