Positive Powers and Events

We are near the end of October and falling deeply into autumn changes of light, temperature and dispositions.  The previously stated task is to find a method of creating positive thoughts which are followed by increased muscular activity which can stimulate the use of stored energy.   Why should this be a goal?

The long answer will follow this short answer.  It is good for you!  But on the whole we do not always do what is good for ourselves.   So let’s get more elaborate in the understanding of what “good for you” may mean.

The American Heart Association says that all things being equal in regards to our overall health if we look only at the amount of total body fat stored as a ratio of fat mass to lean mass, then as the fat mass increases in relation to the lean mass of our body, the incidence of disease increases along with this widening ratio percentage.  Whew.  So the kicker in this is that the diseases that increase are generally regarded as the secondary ones which can be modified or prevented by our patterns of physical activity.   Secondary diseases include atherosclerosis, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, coronary artery disease, non-insulin dependent diabetes, osteoarthritis and possibly even some forms of colon cancer.

So exercise activity is good for you when you look at all the potentially bad things that can occur with a mostly sedentary lifestyle.  Not new news.  What would possibly keep a person from pursuing an exercise as medicine strategy?   That is where the task of seeking a positive thought process becomes the focus.  Especially, now during this cyclical change in season, biorhythm and the hormones that go with it.

The trick, or treat, is that the brain that automatically coordinates an amazing array of physiological processes is the same brain that affects our personal behaviors when not stimulated with thoughts of a positive bent.  The strategy then becomes for each one of us to pursue a path of positive stimulation when faced with a diurnal variation which occurs each season, every year.  Especially at 47o N latitude.

In the larger scope of our psyche the encouragement is to increase our focus on the spirit of our existence, those things that create a positive glow in our noggins.  As the light and temperature decrease, train your brain to mentally pursue your muse; music, singing, writing, drawing, painting or anything that makes you feel like soaring, free.  Use that influence to embrace moving your body outside for as long as is possible in any weather.  Acclimate to the changes. Don’t resist the changes.

As I once said over and over to myself many years ago during a particularly difficult stretch of life,

“Positive powers and events are the result of positive thoughts and actions.”  It sounds trite but true.  We have to choose the spirited things we love at the darker times to push a healthy choice to the front of our brains to pursue.

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