Power of the Positive

Exercise is moving a particular way for a definite time period.  Point your finger to the sky.  Wiggle it up and down.  Repeat.  Repeat for ninety seconds.

This movement requires increased energy use for muscle to complete just one cycle.  Repeated over ninety seconds requires additional sources of stored energy be accesssed.  Keep up wiggling for seven to eight minutes and another source of energy is tapped to maintain motion.  This process in usage demands is occurring everyday all day for a lifetime.

When we move through exercise our bodies require that biochemical compounds be broken down to release their stored energy.  A variety of chemical bonds are utilized in the process of making and then breaking energy rich phosphorous bonds to power the movement our mind’s desire.  Using our minds to initiate our bodies’ exercise movement allows the sophistication of our physiology to coordinate multiple responses on demand.  When the conscious thought induces a particular motion our mind/body  adjusts to this thought automatically.  A conditioned response.  The key to a conditioned response perhaps begins with a positive thought about moving in a particular way.

Why is this relevant during the month of October?  For me it is about using the autumnal quarter phase of the year, when we need to make cold weather acclimatization, for the practice of a positive outlook.  We know that the sun is diminishing its affects upon our biological rhythm.  We are being lulled into a dip in metabolism.  With this dip comes the build-up of stored energy, a good thing for the coming winter.  A potentially bad thing if previous years build ups have accumulated so much that good health is at risk.

The task is then to find a method of creating positive thoughts which are followed by increased muscular activity which can stimulate the use of stored energy.

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