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Hello and welcome to Exercise Health Services of Montana.  This website is the result of twenty-five years as an exercise physiologist helping at-risk populations manifest beneficial change through personalized exercise prescriptions of flexibility and strengthening.

The site contains over 778 individual photographs grouped into routines of flexibility and strengthening.  For each routine there is a photo gallery of thumbnail size pictures that is also formatted as an old fashion flip-book movie, demonstrating the movement of position changes for the routine.  Additionally, each frame has a written description of the exercise performance sequence.  The instructions provide coaching for the stretching and strengthening of specific upper extremity, lower extremity and core issues.

The larger philosophy of Exercise Health Services is the development of an individual Wellborn Plan TM which augments a person’s health insurance policy.  The basis of good health through exercise requires an individualized program that addresses a person’s specific health risks.  By maintaining joint range of motion and strength, a person is able to use their heart and lungs for long duration activity.  This exercise time maintains ideal body composition which is highly correlated with avoiding development of disease risks.  The genetic component risk is then assessed and the required medical management determined.

Please try out the galleries and put together one routine of upper, lower and core exercises for learning and practice.  Start today!